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Furry Little Angels is a home-based dog grooming salon located in Gladstone Park.

With over 12 years of professional training and qualifications, we provide personalized grooming services for your beloved pooch. Our approach involves one-on-one grooming sessions, eliminating the use of cages. It’s essential to adhere to scheduled drop-off and pick-up times. If you need extended minding, please inquire before your grooming appointment.

Grooming appointments typically last one hour. If you prefer to wait for your furry friend, we offer an alfresco area with a TV and coffee/tea facilities. Alternatively, Gladstone Park boasts various shopping centers and coffee shops for your convenience.

Your pooch receives pampering with natural or medicated shampoos and conditioners, tailored to your specifications whenever possible. In cases of matting, grooming will be completed for the comfort and safety of your pooch, with discussion prior to the grooming session.


Wash | DrySmallMediumLargeGiant
Short Coat$40$50$60$70
Long Coat *$60$70$80$90

* The pricing is based on the absence of matting.

** For dogs with shedding coats, a quote will be provided once the condition of the coat is assessed.

Wash | TidySmallMediumLargeGiant
Wash | Tidy$60$70$80$90

* The pricing is based on the assumption of no matting and that the dog has undergone a full groom within the past 4 weeks.

Full GroomingSmallMediumLargeGiant
Short Cut (under 10mm)$75$85$95$120
Long Cut *$85$95$120$160

* The pricing is based on the assumption of no matting. In the presence of matting, a short cut will be necessary, and additional charges may apply.

Pet Minding

Bring your canine companion to stay with us while you’re away on vacation. Our in-house residents, Tino, Kayla, Rolly, and Polly, eagerly welcome well-behaved, friendly, and house-trained friends into their home. Enjoy 24-hour access to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

A meet-and-greet session is crucial before booking to ensure compatibility. Considering the elderly nature of our in-house residents, we can accommodate small to medium-sized or larger, calmer dogs only.

To maintain a flea-free environment in our lush gardens and ponds, all dogs must receive flea treatment before arrival, especially during the warmer months when fleas may be more prevalent.

Our daily rate is $35, and owners are responsible for providing the initial supply of food. This helps prevent upset tummies caused by a sudden change in diet.

Pet MindingSmallMediumLargeGiant
Per Day$35$35$35Not Available

Our Reviews

Carmela Angeline Ortega
10 November 2023

First time to get a grooming service from Sharon and it didnt disappoint us. She also gave free treats for my Carli. Thank you so much, Sharon! Til next time.

Jacqueline Drapos
11 October 2023

Such great care was taken with my little floyd, the groom was fantastic and the extra attention given to provide lifestyle advice was so greatly appreciated. I highly recommend furry little angels.

Beverley Shehata
29 September 2023

My dog is always nice and clean after her bath Sharon does a wonderful job.

A May
22 September 2023

Sharon groomer our little boy on Wednesday and she did a fantastic job! Communication was great and just when we thought our pooch couldn't get any cuter, Sharon managed to make him look even more adorable than he already is. And... to our surprise, Sharon had also left a small pouch filled with treats for our dogs, so kind and thoughtful! Thanks Sharon, we look forward to the next visit.

Jasmine Sparks
10 March 2023

Thank you Sharon for taking care of Maggie Mae both times now for all her grooming needs and for the advice regarding her care. We were worried as we were lucky enough to have chosen her from the Lost Dogs Home and more important she liked us too. First time after taking her to Sharon for grooming Maggie Mae felt so much better, all her matted fur was gone she was clean and fresh. Sharon fitted her in on an urgent basis, Maggie Mae absolutely loved herself. Second time with Sharon we were happy to see Maggie run to Sharon, which for Maggie is unusual. Again she looked wonderful, she is in great hands with Sharon. Sadly when we left our Maggie looked at us as if to say “ I don’t want to leave , I have had enough of you two!” Embarrassingly we broke out singing “Maggie loves Sharon” until we arrived home. We are looking forward to having Sharon looking after Maggie Mae again, she is such a sensitive little Dog and would not trust anyone else but Sharon. Highly recommend her services, she has a lovely manner with Maggie and with us providing us with answers to all our questions . She is an expert at grooming with many years experience.🌸

Margaret Hawking
9 January 2023

The service was great until covid.i live in a retirement village .now I need a groomer for my dog Eddie

Lucy Pirro
24 December 2022

Sharon has been grooming our dogs for a few years now. My dogs absolutely love her. She does such a great job. She never let's us down. They are treated like her own. Sharon was even able to tell us why our boy was unwell even when the vets couldn't find the problem. We got it fixed straight away and he has not had a single health issue since. We are so grateful she picked up on it before it became a serious health issue 🙏 Keep up the good work Sharon. Thank you for genuinely loving what you do.

Helen Sharp
28 September 2022

I would highly recommend Sharron And my dog Max loves her and is very excited to have his bath

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